Karan Aujla Praises About 'Kheer' in Recent Hangout with Vicky Kaushal

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 19th 2024 12:58 PM  |  Updated: February 19th 2024 12:58 PM

Karan Aujla Praises About 'Kheer' in Recent Hangout with Vicky Kaushal

Popular Indian hip-hop artist Karan Aujla, who recently released his highly-awaited album 'Street Dreams' in Mumbai, had a delightful meeting with Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal. The two friends shared a sweet moment over dessert, Kheer, and Karan Aujla took to Instagram to share their joy.

Karan Aujla and Rapper Divine Album Street Dream

Karan Aujla Praises Vicky Kaushal 

Karan Aujla recently met Vicky Kaushal and posted a picture on his Instagram account. In the caption, he expressed their enjoyment of the delicious Kheer, saying, "Kheeer BHT SWAD C."

It's not the first time the duo has shared their connection with fans. Months ago, Vicky Kaushal posted a behind-the-scenes video of himself during a photoshoot. The video featured him dancing to the song "Softly" by Ikky and Karan Aujla. The clip quickly went viral online, with fans eagerly resharing it across various social media platforms.

Punjabi singer Karan Aujla, famously known as 'Geetan Di Machine,' caused a stir with his album "Street Dreams," which he collaborated on with DIVINE. The two artists revealed their musical creations at a grand event in Mumbai on a memorable Thursday evening.

The encounter between Karan Aujla and Vicky Kaushal highlighted not just their camaraderie but also their mutual passion for music and delectable desserts. Fans remain jubilant about these instances, eagerly tracking their interactions on social media platforms.


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