Ed Sheeran's stage collab with Diljit Dosanjh to posing with SRK; Here are some most memorable moments of Ed Sheeran in India

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 18th 2024 12:43 PM  |  Updated: March 18th 2024 12:43 PM

Ed Sheeran's stage collab with Diljit Dosanjh to posing with SRK; Here are some most memorable moments of Ed Sheeran in India

It was 12th March, 2024, when the 'Perfect' singer, Ed Sheeran has oozed Indian landmass with his electrifying entry. The one, who has arrived India for his '+ – = ÷ x' Tour has made everyone groove on his sweet, subtle and love notes at his iconic concert held at the Mahalaxmi Race Course grounds in South Mumbai. Sheeran's magnifying performance included a whopping two hour long show wherein he sang around 30 songs for his Indian die-hard fanatics. While he left the country after giving away a jaw-dropping performance but his overall stay had dug out some of the most iconic moment, the singer has shared in India along with some of the biggest Indian celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and a stage collab with Diljit Dosanjh. 

Here are some of Ed Sheeran's unforgettable moments in Mumbai

1. Ed Sheeran sings Lover with Diljit Dosanjh

Well, to be frankly speaking, we did had Ed Shheran singing punjabi songs in our 2024 bingo list but we had it anyway. renown singer Diljit Dosanjh joined Ed Sheeran on his stage and took over the crowd with his own songs, that were even sung by Ed. The video went viral in no time as the 'Photograph' singer made everybody go gaga with his melodious voice on Diljit's LOVER. 

2. Ed Sheeran with Shah Rukh Khan

Another one that has been inlcuded in his major moments in India when he posed alongisde Shah Rukh Khan in his most famous Bollywood open-arm pose. Adding his Britishness to the Indian glamour, he opned his arms as SRK suggested and shared the same on his Gram. Sharing the gripping moment, he wrote, "This is the Shape of Us. Spreading Love Together.."

3. Armaan Malik and Ed Sheeran

The third collaboration that has roped off the attention of the masses was his unforgettable musical moment shared with Armaan Malik. While surprising the fans with his remarkabnle performance, he joined voices with Armaan on the Mumbai's lit-up stage and performed the global hit '2step' live for the thousands of his audience. 

4. Ed Sheeran grroves on Butta Boma

Just ahead of the gig, one memorable moment that has surfaced the internet realm was Ed Sheeran grooving on Armaan's most famous dancing number 'Butta Boma'. Accompanied by the singer himself, they both have re-created Allu Arjun's famous hookstep, from his film, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.


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