Raj Kundra and Uorfi Javed Tease Fans with Mask Swap – Bigg Boss 17 Connection?

Raj Kundra handovers his mask to Uorfi Javed, and fans assume their entry into the Bigg Boss 17 house.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  October 13th 2023 04:38 PM  |  Updated: October 13th 2023 04:38 PM

Raj Kundra and Uorfi Javed Tease Fans with Mask Swap – Bigg Boss 17 Connection?

In the world of social media and showbiz, it's not uncommon to witness public feuds and controversies. However, every now and then, we get to see unexpected reconciliations and acts of friendliness that take everyone by surprise. One such recent example is the newfound camaraderie between Raj Kundra and Uorfi Javed, who have put their differences aside to collaborate on an Instagram reel.

It all began with a public spat between the two, which started when Uorfi Javed criticized Raj Kundra in a social media post. This led to an awkward encounter between the two in Mumbai. However, in an unexpected twist, they have now teamed up for an Instagram reel and shared a moment of unity by wearing matching evil-eye full-face masks.

The video shows Raj Kundra dramatically removing his mask and handing it over to Uorfi. This act of passing on the mask is symbolic of a new beginning and reconciliation between the two individuals.

In their collaborative reel, both Raj and Uorfi are seen donning face masks. Uorfi captioned the video with, "Yeh tho sirf trailer hai" (This is just the trailer), along with hashtags like #UorfiJaved and #RajKundra. Raj responded to her post with a playful remark, "Sometimes it's nice to play and not be played."

Well, it also seems that the two are hinting about their entry in Bigg Boss 17 with their 'Bigg Boss' themed outfits. 

The feud between Raj Kundra and Uorfi Javed originally ignited when Raj made jokes about himself during his first stand-up comedy show, titled 'Maskman.' He took a humorous jab at Uorfi, specifically commenting on her fashion choices. In a snippet shared by Raj, he humorously mentioned that the media is only concerned about two things - what he wears and what Uorfi "doesn't wear."

As the clip from Raj's show went viral, Uorfi addressed it on her Instagram stories, sharing the post and responding, "Dosro ko nanga kar k paise kamane wala ab meri kapdo pe comment karega :)". 

On the Raj Kundra is set to make his acting debut in the film 'UT 69,' which is based on real-life events from his time in Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai, due to his alleged involvement in a pornography scandal. This movie will shed light on the challenges and experiences he encountered during that period.


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